Monday, January 12, 2004

Teaching History in the Elementary School.

Teaching History in the Elementary School. The teaching of history should begin in elementary school. This essay shows why.

From the site:

Recent studies have shown that the historical knowledge of young Americans is less than most educators and citizens would desire. Students' knowledge of history has suffered because of untrained teachers, reduced course requirements, and textbook treatments that are bland and voiceless and directed more toward trivial coverage of details than to the fullness needed to bring vitality and credibility to events of the past (Sewall 1987; Cheney 1987).

Content in history is practically absent from the curriculum of grades K-3 in most elementary schools; it usually is taught in combination with content from the social sciences in grades 4-6 (Ravitch 1987). A notable exception to national curriculum patterns is the new "California Framework" (1988), which emphasizes history at all levels of the elementary school curriculum.

This ERIC Digest examines (1) research related to the teaching and learning of history in elementary schools, (2) purposes of education in history, and (3) teaching practices to develop interest in and knowledge of history among students in elementary schools.

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