Thursday, February 05, 2004

George H. W. Bush

George H. W. Bush This is a nice biography of the first President Bush.

From the site:

George Herbert Walker Bush (born June 12 , 1924 ) was the 41st President of the United States ( 1989 - 1993 ). Previously, he served as director of the CIA in 1976 - 1977 , and the 43rd Vice President of the United States under President Ronald Reagan ( 1981 - 1989 ).

His son, George W. Bush , is the 43rd President of the United States. As a result George H. W. Bush is sometimes referred to as "the Elder Bush", "Bush the Elder", "Bush Senior," "Bush 41", or "the first President Bush" in order to avoid possible confusion between his presidency and that of his son. (Note that contrary to popular conception outside the U.S., Bush and his son are not " senior " and " junior " but rather just father and son with very similar names.)

George Bush's father, Prescott Bush , served as a Senator from Connecticut and was a partner in the prominent investment banking firm Brown Brothers Harriman.

George Bush attended Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts from 1936 to 1942 , where he demonstrated early leadership, captaining the baseball team, and was a member of an exclusive fraternity called the A.U.V, or "Auctoritas, Unitas, Veritas," Latin for "Authority, Unity, Truth". His roommate at the boarding school was a young man named Edward G. Hooker. It was at Phillips Academy that Bush learned of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor , and after graduating in June, 1942 , he joined the US Navy .

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