Thursday, February 19, 2004

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan This a biography of American president Ronald Reagan.

From the site:

Ronald Wilson Reagan (born February 6 , 1911 ) was the 40th ( 1981 - 1989 ) President of the United States and the 33rd Governor of California . Reagan was also an actor in films before entering politics. He is the longest-lived person to have served as President, as well as the oldest elected President (69 years and 349 days). He was the first divorced person to be elected President.

Reagan attended Eureka College in Eureka, Illinois , graduating in 1932 . Child of an alcoholic father, Reagan developed an early gift for storytelling and acting . He was a radio announcer of Chicago Cubs games, getting only the bare outlines of the game from a ticker and relying on his imagination and storytelling gifts to flesh out the game. Once in 1934 , during the ninth inning of a Cubs - St. Louis Cardinals game, the wire went dead. Reagan smoothly improvised a fictional play-by-play (in which hitters on both teams gained a superhuman ability to foul off pitches) until the wire was restored.

Film career

Reagan had a successful career in Hollywood as a second-rank leading man, as his face and body were as handsome as his voice. In 1940 he played the role of George "The Gipper" Gipp in the film Knute Rockne All American , from which he acquired the nickname the Gipper , which he retained the rest of his life. Reagan himself considered that his best acting work was in Kings Row ( 1942 ). Other notable Reagan films include Hellcats of the Navy and the campy Bedtime for Bonzo . He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6374 Hollywood Blvd.

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