Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon This is a good biography of American President Richard Nixon.

From the site:

Richard Milhous Nixon ( January 9 , 1913 - April 22 , 1994 ) was the thirty-sixth ( 1953 - 1961 ) Vice President , and the thirty-seventh ( 1969 - 1974 ) President of the United States . He is the only President to have resigned from office. His resignation came in response to the complex of scandals called the Watergate conspiracy .

Nixon was raised as an evangelical Quaker by his mother, Hannah, who hoped he would become a Quaker missionary. His upbringing is said to have been marked by such conservative Quaker observances as refraining from drinking, dancing, and swearing. However, this is doubtful, as the evangelical sect of Quakerism known as Friends Churches, having been largely organized by itinerant Methodists, bore little resemblance to the traditional 'unprogrammed' Quaker religion, with its silent worship, avoidance of paid clergy, and strict adherence to pacifism. In any case, his father was less religious, focusing on the family business, a store that sold groceries and gasoline. There is much debate as to whether Nixon went through the expected Quaker soul-searching attendant on whether to become a conscientious objector in World War II. During the period of his political career, however, he was not a practicing Quaker.

He attended Whittier College (a Quaker school), graduating second in his class, and Duke University Law School, where he received a full scholarship. He served as a noncombatant officer in the US Navy in World War II , and was a lawyer for PepsiCo .

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allendrury said...

I found a great RN site. Very well done, and serious.


From Richard Nixon’s first election in 1946 for Congress through his final years as an elder statesman, politics and foreign policy dominated his life. Few American politicians have spanned so many decades on the world stage. From hard knuckled political maneuvering at home to diplomatic finesse in foreign capitals, Nixon was one of the more capable elected officials in the second half of the 20th century. Watergate was a sad and chilling chapter for America and would have personally defeated most men. Nixon however had one more amazing chapter to his life. He proved that a man called to the arena of national politics and international affairs must strive onwards.

This site is aimed at serious discussions on all aspects of President Nixon’s life. I look forward to your input on foreign policy, national politics, media relations, and the issues surrounding Watergate.