Sunday, April 11, 2004


Describes the history of this ancient Indo-European civilization including tribes, dynasties, legends, religion, military, and pirate activities.

From the site:

This web site was adapted and devised to provide a concise and comprehensive view of the Illyrians - an ancient Indo-European people of the Balkans.

It begins with the geographical description of the lands the Illyrians inhabited, which places them primarily on the eastern Adriatic littoral.

The narrative continues with the tribal, cultural and religious aspects of the Illyrians as well as their historical accounts.

It also integrates their military and piratical practices with the latter instigating a confrontation with Rome leading to the annexation of their kingdom.

Finally, it concludes with a brief description of Illyrian life under Roman rule and the impact of foreign invaders on Illyrian culture resulting in their demise.

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