Monday, April 19, 2004

Primary Sources for Medieval Studies

Primary Sources for Medieval Studies Information and bibliographies of primary sources for Medieval (particularly Irish) studies contained in the Boole Library, University College Cork.

From the site:

The purpose of this page is to facilitate students in their use of those published primary sources for the study of liturgy, hagiography and other aspects of medieval studies held in the Special Collections area of the Library (basement of Boole Library, Q-1). Manuscripts on microfilm and in fac- simile have been deliberately excluded. It is not a substitute for The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, Catholic Encyclopaedia, or any other standard reference work (from which much of the information has been taken). Nor is it a substitute for the help which the library staff are always willing to give students.

The text is divided into three parts: Section 1 deals with liturgical works (Sacramentary, Pontifical, Ordines Romani, Martyrology, Liber Pontificalis, Missal, Antiphonary, Breviary). Section 2 describes mainly non-liturgical works published in series and other formats (Acta Sanctorum, Analecta Bol- landiana, Corpus Christianorum, Irish Manuscripts Commission, Scriptores Latini Hiberniae, Patrologia Latina, Henry Bradshaw Society Publications, Typologie des Sources du Moyen Age Occidental, Sources Chretienne, and Monumenta Germaniae Historica). Section 3 lists reference works, most of which do not require any commentary (exceptions are Dictionnaire d'Archeologie Chretienne et de Liturgie (DACL), Du Cange Glossarium, Clavis Patrum Latinorum).

I wish to record my gratitude to Professor Padraig O Riain of the Department of Early and Medieval Irish, who read the various drafts of this essay, for his encouragement, support and contributions. I am also very grateful to Dr S Connolly, Dr E Okasha, Dr J O'Reilly and Professor E O Carragain for their encouragement and support.

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