Monday, May 03, 2004

The Realm of The Mongols

The Realm of The Mongols Large amount of information on Mongol society, history and culture.

From the site:

These pages have been created with the single purpose of providing information on a phenomenon whose nature and role in world history has largely been obfuscated and misrepresented. I speak about the history of the Mongol Empire, beginning from the fateful incident in the year 1206, when the Founder and Father of the Mongol nation, Temuchin, who took the name Chingis Khan, emerged as the "leader of all people living in felt tents." His investiture as supreme leader of the Mongols was to lay the groundwork for a profound change in the direction of world history.

What happened after 1206 is reasonably well understood at the academic/rational level. The invincible Mongolian hordes, under the leadership and tutelary power of Chingis Khan, overran most of the Asian and Eurasian land, and in their heyday, the Mongols never met an army they could not beat. They were incomparably superior, man for man, to what their formidable military opponents in China, Russia, Persia and Western Europe could muster. Their dedication, sense of purpose and endurance is simply matchless in human history, past and present. Most remarkable of all was the degree of solidarity and feeling of shared purpose that the Mongols evinced up to the death of their beloved leader in August 1227.

Significantly, when his biological descendants of much lesser stature succeeded him, the spiritual foundation eroded, as they began to abandon the teachings of Chingis, lost their sense of purpose and instead became attached to the allurements of this world. Material possessions, drink, and lewd women increasingly became the aims of the leaders, replacing what had been their spiritual foundation. This way the Mongols brought about their own downfall.

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