Saturday, May 01, 2004

"Remember Our Faces"--Teaching about the Holocaust.

"Remember Our Faces"--Teaching about the Holocaust. This is an essay which looks at ways the Holocaust can be taught in classrooms.

From the site:

A Holocaust survivor recently implored social studies teachers to "remember our faces." This becomes an especially poignant plea when one considers the ages of the Holocaust survivors, the rescuers, and the liberators. This generation will soon be gone. Who remains to tell their stories? As the 50th anniversary remembrance of World War II continues, the significance of the European Holocaust and its implications for teaching social studies at the middle school and high school must be considered. Too often the Holocaust is forgotten in the recitation of dates and battles, commanders and campaigns. The annihilation of more than 6 million Jews cannot be described in the one or two paragraphs devoted to the Holocaust in the average social studies text. Though Auschwitz, Dachau, Bergen-Belsen and other Nazi death camps are synonymous with horror, what of the identities of the victims of those camps? How do we teach about those individuals who died in the camps, of those survivors who left the camps forever changed, or of those rescuers who risked their lives to help others?

The intents of this ERIC Digest are to (1) present a rationale for Holocaust education; (2) discuss curriculum placement for inclusion of the topic; (3) list organizations and resources available to help teachers in teaching about the Holocaust; and (4) provide a bibliography of relevant materials in the ERIC database.

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