Monday, June 14, 2004

Hawaii's Royalty on Stamps

Hawaii's Royalty on Stamps Brief information about the Kingdom of Hawaii, the Kamehameha kings, and their portrayal on stamps between 1853 and 1892.

From the site:

The Kingdom of Hawaii issued stamps from 1851 to 1892. Then after a coup, Hawaii's stamps bore the title "Republic of Hawaii." At first they were overprints (1893), then a new issue in '94.

A small set of color changes for three issues came in 1899 when the United States annexed Hawaii, and after 1900 American stamp issues were used throughoug the postal system.

The first stamps of Hawaii are a small set of four called the "Missionaries," only because Christian missionaries used them on their letters back to their home offices in the United States. Though the designs are just numerals with fancy borders, these are the gems of philately, prices for which are in six-digits. Copies on cover can run into the millions.

Starting in 1853 the stamps of the Kingdom of Hawaii portray the kings and royal family of Hawaii, which traces its formation back to a young man from the northern end of the Big Island of Hawaii whose name meant "the very lonely one."

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