Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Pike and Shot Society - Renaissance Warfare 1400-1720

Pike and Shot Society - Renaissance Warfare 1400-1720 Society promoting interest in warfare during the period 1400 through 1720. Tables of contents and article excerpts from their print journal, wargames information and links to other early-modern warfare sites.

From the site:

The Pike and Shot Society is an international organization aimed at promoting interest in the military the period 1400 - 1720. Founded nearly 30 years ago its membership consists of both academics and members of the public from all over the world, brought together by a common interest in warfare in the early modern world. It's journal, Arquebusier, is published six times a year and contains articles, reviews, and news of interest to the membership.

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ray said...

In all my searching for Renaissance related stuff, I can't believe I never found your website. I have a era website that has some warfare info on it.