Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Today In Alternate History

Today In Alternate History This is a fun site that blogs events that never occured today. I have always found "alternate" history to interesting and thought provoking. Ultimately, it is little more than science fiction speculation (the genre this seems to resemble the most) but yet...If things had happened just a little different, would any of us even be here?

From the site:

Important Events In History That Never Occurred Today

What's the deal with the dates?

The years listed correspond to the calendar that the culture in the entry uses. Hence, the posts about the Chinese Empire use the Chinese calendar, posts about Islam use the Islamic year, and so forth. The most unusual ones are the Incan year, which I've only used twice because it's so hard to figure out, and the mg calendar, which only shows up when I feel like confusing you.

Did any of these things actually happen?

Yes, most of these alternate realities are based in real events. There really was a lunar strike witnessed by 5 monks in 1178; Pete Best really was the Beatles' original drummer; many of the battles between terrestrial enemies really occurred, if not with the exact same outcomes as I present.

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