Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt This is a brief biography of the life of Teddy Roosevelt.

From the site:

Theodore Roosevelt ( October 27 , 1858 - January 6 , 1919 ) was the twenty-fifth ( 1901 ) Vice President and the twenty-sixth ( 1901 - 1909 ) President of the United States , succeeding to the office upon the assassination of William McKinley .

Sickly as a young man, he took to physical exercise and became a sporting and outdoor enthusiast, frequenting such areas of natural beauty as the Grand Canyon . His energetic example influenced many to take up physical exercise during the urban sports boom in the early part of the century.

Roosevelt was born in New York City , October 27 , 1858 . He graduated from Harvard University in 1880 . He was a member of New York State Assembly from 1882 - 1884 . He moved to North Dakota after the death of his wife, where lived on his ranch, then returned to New York City in 1886 , where he was appointed by President Benjamin Harrison as a member of the United States Civil Service Commission 1889 - 1895 , when he resigned to become president of the New York Board of Police Commissioners. He resigned this position upon his appointment by President William McKinley as Assistant Secretary of the Navy. He held that post from 1897 to 1898 , when he resigned to fight in the Spanish-American War .

Roosevelt rose to national prominence during the Spanish-American War as commander of the " Rough Riders ". Before and after the war, he distinguished himself in New York City and State politics, as police commissioner and state governor. He made such a concerted effort to root out corruption and "machine" politics that, it is said, Republican leaders in New York advanced him as a running mate for William McKinley in the 1900 election simply to get rid of him.

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