Sunday, August 29, 2004

1927 school bombing killed nearly 40 children

1927 school bombing killed nearly 40 children. It happened in Bath, Michigan. It was the worst attack on students in American history. And worth noting, it was done without any guns.

From the site:

BATH, Mich. — The magnitude of the horror that befell Bath Wednesday when a demented farmer blew up the consolidated school, killing nearly 40 children and several adults, continued to grow today. Up to noon 38 pupils and six adults were dead. Forty-three others were seriously injured, some perhaps fatally. ...

The fate of Mrs. Andrew Kehoe, wife of the demented farmer who served as treasurer of the school district, was established today when portions of her body were found in an outbuilding of the Kehoe farm. Kehoe had dynamite in his home, barn and wagonshed, and the buildings were destroyed by subsequent fire.

Indications were that Kehoe had killed his wife and thrown her body into the outbuilding, for the skull was crushed. ...

Scarcely a family in the little town of Bath, 7 miles north of Lansing, the state capital, escaped
unscathed from the diabolical plot which culminated in a series of dynamite explosions. ...

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