Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Teaching about China

Teaching about China. This is an essay on teaching about China. It includes some information on Chinese history. The essay is a bit dated but still good.

From the site:

Contributing to the misunderstanding of China is a condition of political ambiguity, with the existence of the two Chinese republics (the mainland Peoples' Republic of China or PRC, and the Republic of China or ROC, on Taiwan) and Hong Kong, a British colony that will revert to the PRC on July 1, 1997. The PRC was founded in 1949 by the victorious Chinese Communist Party. The defeated Nationalist (Kuomintang) forces withdrew to the island of Taiwan, operating the ROC government there.

The United Nations voted to admit the PRC as the sole representative of China in 1971, and in 1979 the United States recognized the PRC. Despite the severing of diplomatic relations in 1979, the United States and Taiwan maintain extensive economic ties. Both Chinese republics consider Taiwan to be a part of one temporarily divided China. A burgeoning indirect trade exists between the two via Hong Kong; however, reunification is not expected in the near future.

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