Monday, August 09, 2004

Wikinfo | History

Wikinfo | History This is the main history page at Wikinfo. It includes links to many of the categories for history articles at this encyclopedia.

From the site:

History is often used as a generic term for information about the past, e.g., as in "geologic history of the Earth". When used as a field of study, history refers to human history, which is the recorded past of human societies.

The term "history" comes from the Greek historia, "an account of one's inquiries," and shares that etymology with the English word story. It does not come from the word his; however, (see Gender-specific pronoun) some feminists have coined the term herstory (seeNeologism) to refer to history from a female perspective, (see non-sexist language).

Historians use many types of sources, including written or printed records, interviews (oral history), and archaeology. Different approaches may be more common in some periods than others, and the study of history has its fads and fashions (see historiography, the history of history). The events that occurred prior to human records are known as prehistory.

There is a very large amount of historical information available in Wikinfo, and several different ways of classifying it are given below.

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