Thursday, November 04, 2004

Early Dynastic Egypt

Early Dynastic Egypt - Francesco Raffaele presents an illustrated history of the second and third dynasties, king by king, with references. Also corpora of First Dynasty labels and early dynastic inscriptions, and articles.

From the site:

This is a detailed account of the History and Archaeology of the Egyptian Early Dynastic Period: check out the pages on the Second and Third Dynasty and on Dynasty 0. If you are interested in Late Predynastic Egypt (Protodynastic) and Early Dynastic period you'll certainly find here what you're searching for. There are also 4 corpora: First Dynasty Wooden and Ivory Labels, Early Dynastic Inscriptions on Stone Vessels, Naqada IIIb1-2 serekhs and Late Predynastic Decorated Palettes; articles, news, many pictures, images galleries, links and especially abundant text.

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