Thursday, November 11, 2004

World History

World History - A narrative on trends, successes and failures across the ages in power conflicts, religion, philosophy, and political institutions. Also, monthly commentaries with a historical perspective.

From the site:

Since this site went online in 1997 it has benefited from much scrutiny, including from a few professional historians. Errors have been found and errors have been corrected. The struggle for accuracy and new content continues. The benefits of rewriting are infinite. And your help is welcome.

I have drawn from primary sources where that has been possible, but as do others who write great sweeps of history I have taken much from those who have devoted their professional lives to a more narrow focus of study. I have tried to avoid myths that are common among non-professional historians and to avoid distortion through omission, which is not easy given the limits of time and length of text.

The writing of history is not a science the same way that biology is a science, but, in my opinion, works called history should be limited to that for which there is empirical evidence. I write about religion because religion is a large part of human history. I do not claim to know whom God favors or what God thinks. I leave the writing of religion with gloss or as a tract to others.

I do have opinions, which I express in a section separate from my historical narrative, a section that includes comments by readers and the beginning of Questions & Answers.

Whatever your perspective you are welcome to challenge me on any point. The more detail you give me the better I will be able to understand you. And giving me your sources would help.

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