Saturday, December 25, 2004

Secrets of the Norman Invasion

Secrets of the Norman Invasion - Nick Austin examines the primary sources. He is particularly interested in trying to determine exactly where the Normans landed prior to the Battle of Hastings.

From the site:

The following work arose out of my insatiable desire to know exactly where the Normans landed prior to the Battle of Hastings. This interest was awakened shortly after moving to the village of Crowhurst (one of Harold's personal manors) where I was able to hear at first hand some of the local accounts of the Norman landing and search for Norman remains in the village.

Over the last six years I have tried to read everything important associated with Norman landings and the battle and have spent many months carrying out detailed searches of the documents contemporary with the battle. I have become increasingly alarmed at the discrepancies between the texts and the lie of the land where the landings were supposed to have taken place. In this work I attempt to explain how all these discrepancies can be reconciled only if the contextual references are applied to a landing site different from Pevensey.

The text that follows is divided into two parts. The first part deals with the clues to the landing site contained in the contemporary source documents, whilst the second part looks at the physical evidence thrown up by surveys, aerial photographs, field walking and archaeological work.

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