Thursday, December 02, 2004

Vikings on Greenland

Vikings on Greenland - Presents a brief essay about the history of the Vikings in Greenland, and their explorations further afield, with a map to show their travels.

From the site:

Around the year 960 the boy Erik and his father got a problem with a murder, and they had to leave their home in "Jæren" in Southern Norway.

Erik had inherited his fathers militant mind, and he did not act better on Iceland, than his father has acted in Norway, and soon, that was in the year 985, he was outlawed for 3 years because of two murders. In other words: People were alloved to kill him, if they wanted to! Erik, who later on got the sur-name "the Red", had heard about a man, called Gunbjørn: He had during a storm lost his direction and seen land far to the west.

Why not try to find this unknown land, now when he had to escape from Iceland, anyway?

He put his boat to the sea. He had problems with drift-ice, but was obstinately sailing towards the south to the place today called "Kap Farvel" (Cape Farewell), and then sailed north. Here he found fertile valleys with green grass for cattle, rivers with good fishing - grounds, and in the ocean there were walruses and and seals.

He wintered on the island which he called "Eriks Island" south of Greenland, and during the following years he saw rather a great part of south-eastern Greenland.

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