Sunday, December 12, 2004

World History Blog Getting Recognition

World History Blog Getting Recognition. I thought I would post a note about the positive recognition that this blog has recently been receiving.

This includes being featured in USAToday.Com as a Hot Site. The brief commentary read, "World history’s a pretty broad topic, even for a Web journal. Miland Brown therefore has his work cut out for him, but as a historian and fellow at the World History Research Institute, he’s pretty clearly the person for the job. Mr. Brown’s blog is edging toward its first anniversary, and visitors will find a rich and varied collection of links and thoughtful commentary."

The WHB also was noted as a good resource by the Scout Report in a recent In the News report on the popularity of the word blog.

I have made several changes to the Blog as a result. First, I have changed the descriptive information at the top from "features all aspects of world history" to "features different aspects of world history." That sounds a little less ambitious and more humble I think. Second, I have turned off the option for posting comments. Unfortunately, as this blog has gotten more popular, I have been receiving numerous spam postings. It is easier just to turn it off.

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