Sunday, January 30, 2005

Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle - Detailed, illustrated history and description of this fine early 17th century castle and discussion of the technical orginality of its construction by a Japanese engineering company.

From the site:

A white castle tower looms high in the sky. Around it, numerous turrets and plaster walls are arranged. Stone walls describe elegant curves. This symmetrically beautiful silhouette reproduces the graceful figure of a heron about to take wing at any moment.

This Himeji Castle, otherwise called "Shirasagijo" (White Heron Castle), is situated in Himeji City of Hyogo prefecture about 50 km west of Osaka. It is about 370 years since Himeji Castle was constructed in its present shape. This is the only excellent castle which architecturally represents Japanese culture and, at the same time, has handed down its original design at the time of construction.

Looking up at Himeji Castle, not a few people might think about this unique Japanese architectural beauty that was not influenced either by Chinese or Western culture, despite the remains of the age of civil wars.

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