Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Little Bear

The Little Bear. A selection of university-level papers and links to medieval history on the internet. This is a nice medieval history site and worth a visit by those interested in this area of history.

From the site:

The primary aim of this site is to provide students of medieval history, as well as others with a special interest in the Middle Ages, with a general overview and reference to some of the most important and useful resources on medieval history available on the internet. The section devoted to this aim contains a number of links to some of the best sites available on the internet in this respect. It should be noted that this site is relatively new and as such contains only a rather limited amount of links at present. I hope to improve and expand the link section in the future, and to add a number of features to the site not currently available at the moment.

The second section features a list of the university papers that I have written, or contributed to, during the course of my studies. The titles in English are available for viewing and printing in their full length, whereas the titles originally written in my native tongue Danish has been listed with an English abstract attached to them, outlining their basic content and conclusions. The list is intended to provide history students and others taking an interest in one or more of the topics, with material at honours student level covering each specific subject in an incisive, well-documented, and, needless to say, inherently subjective way. My hope is that the list will provide for interesting reading and for some form of inspiration or guidelines in case you wish to deal with similar subjects yourself. The majority of the papers have been graded with the first class grade A (or equivalent) by my professors and tutors at Roskilde University in Denmark and The University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

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