Saturday, March 05, 2005

Afghanistan: War Without End?

Afghanistan: War Without End?. Experts discuss the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and the U.S. reaction to heightened tensions in the region in December 1985. Transcript of News Hour with Jim Lehrer.

From the site:

Soviet troops crossed the border into Afghanistan six years ago today. Afghan guerrilla fighters immediately took up the physical fight against them; the United States and others took up the rhetorical one, and both fights continue as we speak tonight. President Reagan's birthday message today was: the Soviets are using barbaric methods of war, and the United States still stands with the Afghan freedom fighters against them. The anniversary word on the physical war itself is that it remains the same, only worse.

The fighting has intensified in the past year. The Soviets have brought in more firepower against guerrilla hideouts. They have launched more attacks on the towns and civilian populations that sustain the rebels.

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