Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History. The definitive source of information regarding the history of Cleveland, Ohio. This is a very well constructed site with lots of good information.

From the site:

When the first edition of the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History appeared in 1987, it was nationally acclaimed as the best single source of information about any aspect of Cleveland's past. More importantly, its appearance sparked a great deal of interest in local history and helped to bring to the editors' attention a wealth of new information about the city. The accumulation of new information contained in the numerous books and articles published and new collections of papers gathered during the past nine years made it clear that there was a need for a new edition, and the bicentennial anniversary seemed the appropriate occasion and helps to explain why this edition is so different from the first. In many respects it is entirely new. In the first place, it appears in two distinct volumes. The first is the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History which covers the history of business, industry, government, social agencies, events, and general topics. The second volume, the Dictionary of Cleveland Biography, contains only biographical entries, including over 900 original biographical articles found in the First edition as well as 772 new entries, representing a broad spectrum of Clevelanders engaged in a wide variety of endeavors.

The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History contains all of the original articles from the first edition, revised and updated. In addition, there are nearly 400 entirely new articles and 28 new interpretive essays. Photographs, carefully selected from the rich photographic archives of the Cleveland Public Library, the Cleveland Press Collection at Cleveland State University, the Plain Dealer, and the enormous collection of the Western Reserve Historical Society, have been added to this edition. Each of the photographs has been chosen to enhance the reader's understanding of the particular article which it illustrates. The maps from the original edition have been carefully redrawn and corrected, and new maps have been added. The tables have also been updated and several new tables added.

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