Tuesday, March 15, 2005

History Directories.

History Directories. I have previously mentioned several excellent Web directories that list history sites such as Yahoo! and the Open Directory Project. These are good sources for history sites on the Web as the directories are manually reviewed by real humans. Hence, spam and crank sites dealing with history are usually weeded out leaving a high quality list of history sites. If you see a site listed on more than one of these, odds are it is a good resource.

Here are a few more that should be noted and used to find good history information:

Skaffe History - This is small directory (less than 200 sites) of history resources. It has an active editor listed so it probably will grow in quality in the future.

Illumirate History - This has almost 4000 history sites listed. In addition, most of the sites are accompanied by one or more reviews of editors weighing in with opinions on the quality of the site.

GoGuides.Org History - Similar to the Skaffe list in size, this has a small collection of quality history links with some subdividing by category.

Kids and Teens History Directory - This directory has over 1200 history sites which are geared towards children and teenagers.

Joeant History - The Joeant editor community is very active and the history portion of the site is rich with good sites.

Web-Beacon History - I am not too familar with this directory but this is a nice list of history sites on the Web as well.

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