Sunday, March 27, 2005

The John Hampden Society

The John Hampden Society. A society devoted to the study of 17th-century Parliamentarian John Hampden, who famous for resisting the King's illegal Ship Money tax.

From the site:

John Hampden was descended from an ancient Buckinghamshire family of great wealth with a long tradition of service to the Crown. The Hampdens had lived at Great Hampden (left), high up in the Chilterns, since before the Norman Conquest, and had provided Members of Parliament, High Sheriffs, and courtiers throughout the centuries.

One of Hampden's ancestors, Sir John Hampden 'of the Hill', rode in the train of the English Queen at the Field of the Cloth of Gold in France in 1520, and his daughter Sybil, an ancestress of William Penn of Pennsylvania, was nurse to the future King Edward VI. John's grandfather Griffiths, who was an MP and later High Sheriff of the county, entertained Queen Elizabeth I and her Court at Great Hampden.

Had John Hampden wished he could have purchased advancement in the court, but he chose instead to resist Charles I's arbitrary government. As a result he earned the title, 'Patriae Pater' - the Father of the People.

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