Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Mirror Crack’d-History Reflected by Hollywood

The Mirror Crack’d-History Reflected by Hollywood. This is an article on how teachers can use films to teach history. It uses the premise that Hollywood is not always accurate in showing historical events. I am shocked. Do you mean that the Emperor Commodus didn't really die fighting in the arena as depicted in Gladiator? Or that William Wallace didn't really father a future King of England as suggested in Braveheart? This article is a good read and should give teachers some ideas on how to use film with history lessons.

From the site:

This article examines how mainstream (Hollywood) history films can be productively incorporated into high school and university history classrooms. It presents the findings of an experimental case study of the use of mainstream film in an Advanced Placement high school history course, and based on those findings suggests a sample module for a twentieth century history course combining film and text-based approaches to history.

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