Tuesday, April 05, 2005


WebChron. A web chronology project sponsored by North Park University featuring regional timelines spanning from 12,000 BC to present day.

From the site:

The chronological listing of important events is one of the most basic of historical tools. One needs to know the chronological order of events in order to determine causal relations.

The traditional chronology, however, is usually a simple, two-dimensional listing of events. WebChron uses the power of hypertext to create a more interesting, more useful, multi-dimensional chronology. Using hypertext, we are able to present chronologies in outline form, so that it is easier to see the relationship between long term and short term events. We are also able to interweave chronologies so that one can also more readily see the relation between events in one field to events in another.

Because they are intended for use in survey history courses, these chronologies are not intended to be exhaustive. Many significant events have been left out; many of the dates given are very coarse generalities. Nevertheless, we hope that what is presented is nevertheless pedagogically useful.

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