Sunday, April 24, 2005

Why the Soviets Never Beat the U.S. to the Moon

Why the Soviets Never Beat the U.S. to the Moon - A Soviet space expert discusses how recently declassified material confirms his painstaking discoveries over decades about why the Soviet Union was unable to win the space race.

From the site:

Russia today is at a crossroads. If the current financial policies, under the heel of the International Monetary Fund, should continue, the one-time Soviet superpower will be relegated to Third World status, suffering the political and economic chaos that will result from such a devolution.

After his most recent trip to Russia in April 1997, during which he traveled throughout the country to various space facilities, space expert Charles Vick commented that the IMF policies in Russia ``amount to economic tyranny.'' One result, he observed, has been the meteoric rise of corruption and criminality, and the corresponding lack of available resources for basic economic reconstruction, or the space program.

The Soviet Union was the only nation besides the United States that ever developed the ability to put man into space. The Soviets did it first. But they could not sustain an effort of such magnitude, because they were not able to transfer new technology from their civil and military space programs to the economy, as a whole. As Charles Vick explains, the pie was limited in size by this failure, and when the political situation changed, other programs took priority over sending men to the Moon. Today, the Russians will doggedly try to maintain their space capabilities, Vick states, but time is running out.

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