Thursday, May 05, 2005

History Bookstores

History Bookstores. Everyone knows that if you want cheap books you visit Amazon. However, sometimes it is better to visit a bookseller who specializes in history. The offerings maybe the same but that additional knowledge might make for a better shopping experience.

Here are a couple I have noted with descriptions from the sites:

Byzantine Books - Online bookstore designed to bring texts, and other materials, associated with the field of Byzantine Studies before a general and scholarly audience.

The Aerie, Books Etc. - Featuring books on the Arts, Culture, History, and Literature of the Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and other Celtic Cultures and the European Medieval & Renaissance Periods.

Castle Furnishings - Selection of books relating to medieval and renaissance topics.

Little Miami Publishing Company - Specializes in history, reference, and genealogical books for the professional and family historian.

Bender Publishing - Books related to German Third Reich and US history with an emphasis on uniforms, medals, awards, organization and acoutrements.

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