Monday, July 11, 2005


Bailup - Site devoted to Ned Kelly, the famous Australian outlaw and historic figure, with an aim to debunking popular myths and legends. Includes news and related links.

The site notes that, "Ned Kelly, leader of the infamous 'Kelly gang' of armoured bushrangers, was found guilty of murdering a policeman and executed in November 1880. He is now an Australian legend. Why?" That is a good question. And the site makes a nice stab at answering it by examing oral and written accounts dealing with Kelly's exploits.

I found the design of the site a little confusing. I kept going in circles trying to find some of the more meaty content. The site map at is useful for getting to the more interesting articles.

From the site:

This site is aimed to clear up the numerous misconceptions about the 'Kelly Story', without necessarily seeking to establish a particular point of view. For the history student a History in Detail section offers close investigation into areas of disputed history and attempts to dintinguish the fact from the folktale.For those looking for a short history of the Kelly gang a Quick History section is also provided, which includes a time line, historical overview, and some personal details of the gang members, Ned and Dan Kelly, Joe Byrne & Steve Hart.

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