Thursday, July 14, 2005

Macario Sakay, Tulisan or Patriot?

Macario Sakay, Tulisan or Patriot? - This is a biography of a notable person who fought against Americans early in the 20th Century. The Philippine-American War (1899-1902) followed directly after the Spanish-American War. Many Filipinos did not wish to replace Spain with a new colonial power as they wanted independence instead.

The war officially ended when Emilio Aguinaldo capitulated to the USA. However, long after the last of General Aguinaldo's men surrendered to the Americans, independent armies continued their fight for independence. One of these was led by Macario Sakay.

From the site:

Contrary to popular belief, Philippine resistance to American rule did not end with the capture of Emilio Aguinaldo in 1901. There were numerous resistance forces fighting for Philippine independence until the year 1910. One of these forces was led by Macario Sakay who established the Tagalog Republic.

Born in 1870 in Tondo, Macario Sakay had a working-class background. He started out as an apprentice in a calesa manufacturing shop. He was also a tailor, a barber, and an actor in comedias and moro-moros. His participation in Tagalog dramas exposed him to the world of love, courage, and discipline.

In 1894, Sakay joined the Dapitan, Manila branch of the Katipunan. Due to his exemplary work, he became head of the branch. His nightly activities as an actor in comedias camouflaged his involvement with the Katipunan. Sakay assisted in the operation of the Katipunan press. During the early days of the Katipunan, Sakay worked with Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Jacinto. He fought side by side with Bonifacio in the hills of Morong (now Rizal) Province.


hank_F_M said...


I saw that site a while back.

Sakay is certainly a patriot, however I vote for stubborn or dumb.

Except for two provinces the war was over in summer 1901. By spring 1902 it was over in last two. A number of small groups stayed out for several years. There was no longer any hope of winning and at this point they were only causing trouble for the Philippine people. Some of these groups (I don't know if Sakay is one of them) were effectivly bandits who stole from the poor because they did not have the strengh to attack any one else.

Jeannie Rojas said...

Macario Sakay was a great patriot, unfairly pushed through the dustbin of oblivion by the American conquerors.He deserves a better place in Philippine History and the burning flames of his desire for true independence for his county is still relevant to this day.

Anonymous said...

i really appreciate historical films and while watching the baler during the recently concluded manila filmfest i get to remember the film about the great macario sakay! im hoping that the film of raymond red would be remastered and be shown again...

Danilo Donor said...

According to the Memoirs of Gregoria de Jesus,widow of Bonifacio,Macacario
Sakay and others helped in the printing and destribution of the "Kalayaan" ,the K.K.K. newspaper. She wrote:"Macario sakay was a true patriot and I can hardly believe that he ended his life on the gallows."
("Julio Nakpil and the Phil.Revplution with the Autobiography of Gregoria de Jesus", Ed. by Encarnacion Alzona, pp.162,1700