Thursday, July 28, 2005

Medieval Castle Siege Weapons

Medieval Castle Siege Weapons - Site focused on medieval castles, siege engines, knights and other aspects of medieval warfare.

Of particular interest are several special sections relating to Dungeons & Dragons and The Lord of the Rings. Many people have noted the medieval feel of D&D and Rings and this site has a variety of articles connecting them together. Notes the site, "While D&D does not directly fall under Medieval Warfare, or even Medieval History, the game certainly appears to have been inspired by the Middle Ages, and indeed it also appears to take place in some Medieval Realm."

From the site:

If you are as interested in medieval times as I am then you are sure to find this website very interesting.

To learn more about me and why I created this site be sure to check out the Why Did I Do It? and About Me pages.

This website focuses on medieval castles (pictures & floor plans) and the ingenious siege engines (particularly the catapult & trebuchet) that were used to attack medieval castles.

This site also provides a great middle age pictures resource which includes pictures of medieval knights, medieval weapons and more!

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