Thursday, July 21, 2005


Topcastles - Robert Rongen presents images and brief details of hundreds of medieval castles, sorted by country, region and castle type. Includes a quick guide to castle types with plans, and a list of the top 100 castles, as rated by surfers.

Most of the castles listed are in Europe. However, there is a small collection of oriental castles featured if you look hard enough. I also like that the site has a link to the official Web address of castle sites.

From the site:

This site is about "real" medieval castles, synonym for strongholds, in german Burg, in french château médiéval and in dutch burcht. To be able to make out the real castles we need a good definition.

The book "1000 jaar kastelen in Nederland" [1] gives a useful definition of a castle:"A castle is a medieval building that combines defensive with domestic functions by providing a living space and a defence to a limited group of persons differing of a noble family with a few servants to a small court and a military garrison up to a maximum of approximately fifty persons. Essential hereby is that this group depends on a relation to one person or institution." Summarised, a real castle meets these criteria:

- it is build in the middle ages (appr. 500-1500)
- it provides a living space to a limited group of persons
- it provides a defence to a limited group of persons
- the group depends on a relation to one person or institution

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