Friday, August 19, 2005

Alexander the Great History Project

Alexander the Great History Project - Site provides information about Alexander the Great, his life, his family, his conquests, and his battles, including links to various Alexander the Great sites and resources on the Web.

I was prompted to look for information on Alexander the Great after seeing the recent Oliver Stone film on Alexander. It was not to my liking. It was dry, slow moving, and ultimately boring. I really like historical movies that focus on generals so I was surprised not to like this one.

From the site:

This site was developed for our 1997 Wisconsin State History Day project. The theme was "Triumph or Tragedy." We thought that Alexander the Great was a great example of triumph since he conquered most of the known world at the time. Once we started studying him, we found a lot of tragedy too. His parents spent most of his life at war with each other, his father the king was assassinated (some said at his mother's bidding), he killed some of his best friends in drunken rages and he died at the peak of his power while still a young man. We have learned a lot about this man who had so much triumph and tragedy in his life, and we hope you enjoy sharing our discoveries on this site.

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