Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Alternative History

Alternative History. I have from time to time posted links to sites which deal with alternate history. I must admit that I enjoy this topic a great deal. What if...

Mind you, alternate history is at best just a good guess at what might have happened if one or two events had been a bit different. Or, in many cases, it is an excuse in good (or bad) science fiction. (When the aliens show up in the story, I would not class a site as being alternate history.)

The blogged site of the day is a collection of 26 sites which have alternate history on them. Some are better than others but all explore interesting themes.


Mister said...

Hey, I used to do that stuff. It was fun and it really taught me to think deeper about history, challenge assumptions about inevitabilities.

Actually, Miland, I'm only posting here to thank you for running this website. The content doesn't leave a lot of room for feedback, but I really value you spending the time to keep this resource up and running for so long. A week doesn't go by that I don't check in and see what else you got for me.

a Brown Bag Blog

Miland said...


Thanks for the kind words. I really enjoy doing this and plan on keeping it up. I just hope I don't burn out or go to stale.