Thursday, September 08, 2005

Battle of Moscow

Battle of Moscow - Discusses the German attack and Russian defence of Moscow and counteroffensive during the 1941-1942 campaign on the Eastern Front. It is also available in Russian. (And it probably reads better in Russian as the English at the site is a bit strange and choppy.)

The German decision to invade the Soviet Union was a poor one and it probably cost the Germans the war. However, the Germans had high hopes. The site notes, "The operations named Typhoon, believing, that group of armies 'Centre', similarly typhoon, sweep the Soviet defence and approach at Moscow. By the German plans, the war should be finished before winter."

From the site:

THE MOSCOW BATTLE 1941-42, defence and offensive operations of the Soviet armies during WW2 with purposes to defence of Moscow and rout of German grouping armies. By the plan of "Typhoon" the German armies take the offensive in September 30, on Bryansk and October 2, on Viazma directions. Despite of fierce resistance of the Soviet armies their front was broken. By huge losses in the end of November - beginning of December Germans was possible managed to the channel Volga-Moscow, to force the river Nara, to approach to city Kashira from the south. The further attempts Germans break to Moscow was broken. The enemy stop. In a course counter-offensive on December 5-6, Soviet armies have released from Germans over 11 thousand occupied towns and villages and to the beginning of January, 1942 have rejected Wermacht about 100-250 kms, have put a heavy defeat 38 enemy divisions. In result counter-offensive and general offensive the enemy was rejected on the west about 150-400 kms.

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