Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Capture of Guam

The Capture of Guam. This is an account by Patrick McSherry of the bloodless conquest of Guam by the United States from Spain during the Spanish-American War. It is interesting to note that the small Spanish force garrisoned on the island were not even aware that there was a war going on between Spain and the USA for over two months! Even in 1898, the technology existed for Spain to communicate this fact to Guam one would think.

From the site:

On finding the state of the Spanish military on the island consisted only of 54 Spanish soldiers armed with 1896 Mausers, and 54 Chamorros, armed with Remington 45-90's, the two men were paroled, with the requirement that they carry a message to the governor that he should come to the vessel as soon as possible.

The governor, Juan Marina, responded that Spanish law forbade him from coming aboard the vessel, but asked the American captain to come to him instead, guaranteeing the captain's safe return. When the governor's letter arrived, it was getting late in the day. The governor was informed that an officer would be sent ashore the next morning.

At 8:30 a.m., Lt. William Braunersreuther, the CHARLESTON's navigator, went ashore to meet the governor and his party at Piti. Simultaneously, landing forces were formed, placed in landing boats and started for the beach. The lieutenant presented a letter from Captain Glass of the CHARLESTON which demanded the surrender of the island within one half-hour of receiving the note, while verbally reminding the governor that a heavily armed vessel and several transports loaded with troops were awaiting offshore. Twenty-nine minutes later, the governor returned with a reply. The reply was addressed to Lt. Braunersreuther's commanding officer, and the Spanish governor protested as the lieutenant opened it. Braunersreuther responded that he was acting on behalf of his commander.


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Nice find. The 'conquest' of Guam is not something I've ever read about.

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Great Blog - I am glad you are able to search the world and condens the info for us here. Leading to soem fabulous sites!

I did know about Guam - but found this blog a gateway to adventure!

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