Thursday, September 01, 2005

Convicts to Australia

Convicts to Australia. This is a neat site which includes information for Australians (and others) who are researching convict ancestors. It includes a chronological list of all the convict transports sent from England to Australia, convict tales, timeline, and a research guide to the entire subject.

I found this quote from the index page funny, "Most family historians in Australia regard a convict in their ancestry as enormously desirable." My family has a convict ancestor but it is not something we are proud about. However, he was not a pioneer of America in the same way that the convicts sent to Australia were among the pioneers there.

You can also visit the Clayton's Convicts page of the site and create your own convict ancestor if you lack one. I typed in my name, claimed I live in New South Wales (I am in the USA), and got the following story, "My ggg-grandfather George Brown was a historian, who lived in London, England, in the early 1800s. Life was extremely difficult back then and the Brown family was very poor. In 1820 the unfortunate George was caught with two accomplices, Arthur Dodger and Oliver Twirl, stealing a hat from the home of Mr and Mrs Babcock, who resided at 17 Struggle Street, London. George was tried and convicted at London Quarter Sessions and in 1822 was transported to Australia on the convict ship Sterling, for a term of 7 years. There are now many fine, upstanding descendants of George Brown living in Australia, the most upstanding of all being Miland Brown, who currently resides in New South Wales."


SQPY23 said...

Numerous of my Australian friends proudly wear the badge of ancestral criminality - it's pretty much a hoot.

I'll never forget a quip made by one of my Aussie pals: "Yeh, the main difference between you lot and us, is the Poms learned their lesson; wouldn't let us have guns."

Miland said...


Thanks for all the comments. And welcome to the WHB. I hope you keep coming back.