Friday, September 02, 2005

The Crusades

The Crusades - The basis for a virtual course on the crusades from Dr. Skip Knox at Boise State University. Includes a visitor center offering a virtual pilgrimage as well as extensive information on each of the Crusades.

Although all the lectures are online, I note that the class discussion board requires a log-in. That makes sense but it would be nice if visitors could read class postings even if they can not make posts.

There is also a collection of maps and an in-depth timeline. This is a nice resource and I am pleased that the faculty member has opened his course up to the world.

From the site:

This site is a fully virtual course offered for college credit through Boise State University. We have no physical classroom and the course is entirely asynchronous.

The course materials are open to the general public and to other educators. Please see the Visitor Center for details.

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SQPY23 said...

Anyone interested in seriously studying the Crusades must include Amin Maalouf's "The Crusades Through Arab Eyes" in the reading list. The work provides a perspective rarely presented (I can't think of another), and contains more than a few surprises.

We tend to think of the "Saracens" as a monolithic entity; they were not. Maalouf goes into quite a good bit of detail on the Arab internecine squabbles that led to much of the Crusader early success. Here too we find more on Crusader State / Arab co-existence and collaboration; mutual enmity may not have been as irremediable as is so often depicted.