Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sympathy for President John Tyler

Sympathy for President John Tyler. I just read Politics and the Court and in it I learned that President Tyler had five Supreme Court nominations defeated by the Senate! That had to of hurt. Tyler was the first Vice-President to become President as a result of the death of the prior president. As such, he was politically weak and had little support in Congress.

After his term in office, he openly committed treason against the United States by being a member of the Confederate government when the American Civil War began. However, the times were different then so it would be unfair to be overly harsh towards him now.

In sympathy to his five defeated Supreme Court nominations, here are some links to a few of his official speeches. He was President during some interesting times and I think this is reflected in the text.

State of the Union Address 1841
State of the Union Address 1842
State of the Union Address 1843
State of the Union Address 1844

All four of these State of the Union Addresses (known as the President's Annual Message at the time) include mention of the Republic of Texas, Mexico, and American considerations of annexation. War between Mexico and the USA ensued shortly after Tyler left office. A search of the text also reveals that he made no mention of any of his Supreme Court nominations or of any frustrations he was feeling with the Senate blocking his nominees.

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