Sunday, October 09, 2005

Chronology On The History Of Slavery

Chronology On The History Of Slavery, 1619-1789 - This site contains a timeline of slavery in America from 1619 until "the end", reportedly in 1865 when the 13th amendment to the Constitution offered universal manumission and abolished slavery. The chronology has been thoroughly researched, with references at the end of each entry, some pointing to other Web resources.

Of course, involuntary servitude did not end with the passage of the 13th Amendment. However, slavery was at least illegal from then on.

From the site:

Compiled from Archive, library and Internet source documentation, this timeline on Slavery and in part the History of Racism, has been used to guide the direction of independent research into the history of enslaved Americans of African descent at historic sites located at the National Zoo, in Washington, DC. Hopefully, this compilation of American history will help others who undertake similar tasks.

This project has been conducted totally independently from research conducted by the Office of Architectural History and Preservation at the Smithsonian and the National Zoo.

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