Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Discovery of New Guinea

The Discovery of New Guinea - Illustrations, facsimile maps and text taken from George Collingridge's book, The First Discovery of Australia and New Guinea. Please note that the book itself is not here. This is merely a collection of some of the maps and pictures and a little text.

The site ends with a note of caution, "There are a number of controversies surrounding the European discovery of Australia and New Guinea. However argued or skilful its blend of art with history, Collingridge's book should not be considered the only (or most authoritative) account of these events. For other perspectives on this history, readers are advised to consider more recent texts as well as others from the period that are already online such as A Short History of Australia by Ernst Scott (available through the Nalanda Library at the National Institute of Technology Calicut, Kerala State, India). " I think this is sound advice.

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