Friday, October 28, 2005

Fighting Comment Spam at the World History Blog

They will not go away.

Despite adding word verification (and required ID's) to stop automated spambots, I am still getting spam in my comments.

Apparently the spammers are now creating accounts just to spam. They manually enter the word verification and post their crap.

Further, many of the spammers are targetting my old posts. I guess they are hoping that old blog postings will be unmonitored and hence ripe for spamming.

The spam comments usually look like this:

"I just found this great blog and I love it. Keep up the good work! I was looking for information (add spam keywords with link here) and did not find it here but I still found this blog of value."

There are multiple variations of this as well and some spammers do a better job of using words from that specific blog post to further mask the spam.

Unknown to the spammers, they will always fail when spamming the World History Blog. First, every comment made on this blog gets e-mailed to me. If I see spam, I immediately go and delete the spam comment. No spam lasts more than 24 hours on this blog. Second, Blogger uses the ref=no follow tag in comment fields. This tells search engine spiders from Google, MSN, and Yahoo to ignore the link. Hence, the spammer derives no benefit in the search engine rankings for a link from a Blogger blog. (Many spammers are too stupid to realize this and they post spam comments at Blogger anyway.)

Still, I am getting sick of this. I am removing spam comments almost everyday. On one occasion, I had to manually remove nine posts from one determined spammer trying to hawk a stainless steel cookware affiliate site! Is there no new help coming Blogger?

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