Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Flavius Josephus Page

A Flavius Josephus Page - Site on the famous Jewish historian including his biography, works, and extracts with commentary. Includes additional articles about Josephus, Judaism, and Jewish history and practices.

Josephus fought in the revolt against Rome that was crushed by the future Emperor Vespasian. He survived a suicide pact, was captured and spared by the Romans, and eventually became one of the most influential men in the Roman Empire.

From the site:

Taken prisoner by Vespasian, Josephus presented himself as a prophet. Noting that the war had been propelled by an ancient oracle that foretold a world ruler would arise from Judaea, Josephus asserted that this referred to Vespasian, who was destined to become Emperor of Rome. Intrigued, Vespasian spared his life. When this prophecy came true, and Vespasian became Emperor, he rewarded Josephus handsomely, freeing him from his chains and eventually adopting him into his family, the Flavians. Josephus thus became Flavius Josephus.

During the remainder of the war, Josephus assisted the Roman commander Titus, Vespasian's son, with understanding the Jewish nation and in negotiating with the revolutionaries. Called a traitor, he was unable to persuade the defenders of Jerusalem to surrender to the Roman siege, and instead became a witness to the destruction of the city and the Holy Temple.

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