Sunday, October 02, 2005

History of Kitchi-Gumee Anishinabeg (the People of Great Lakes)

History of Kitchi-Gumee Anishinabeg (the People of Great Lakes) - An article about the "Anishinabeg" (the first or original people) of Michigan from pre-historic times to the present. This is from the Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians located in Sault Ste. Marie, MI.

The opening begins with folk lore but the rest of the article has a good presentation of Anishinabeg history.

From the site:

The origin of the Anishinabeg begins in this way: "The Great Spirit once made a bird, and he sent it from the skies to make it's abobe on Earth. The bird came, and when it reached halfway down, among the clouds, it sent forth a loud and far-sounding cry, which was heard by all who resided on the Earth, and even by the spirits who made their abode within its bosom. When the bird reached within sight of the Earth, it circled slowly above the Great Fresh Water Lakes, (Kitchi-Gumee) and again it uttered its echoing cry. Nearer and nearer it circled, looking for a resting place, pleased with the numerous whitefish that glanced and swam in the clear waters and sparkling foam of the rapids. Satisfied with its chosen seat, again the bird sent forth its loud but solitary cry, and the Bear clan, Catfish clan, Loon clan, and Marten clan gathered at his call. A large town was soon congregated and the Crane, whom the Great Spirit sent, presided over all."

The Kitchi-Gumee Anishinabeg (the People of Great Lakes) are the end product of perhaps 50,000 generations on a continuum of pre-historic and historic period evolution and change. They are of the Algonquian speaking language stock, which today is separated by international borders, state or provincial jurisdictions, and tribal ethnocentricities. Never the less, they are "Anishinabeg" (the first or original people), they are one despite themselves and contempory western thinking. The diversity represented today among these people reflect many social, economic and political challenges to the concept on one people.

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