Sunday, October 16, 2005


sumir-history. This is a thoughtful history blog by Sumir Sharma. The author has left several comments here in the past and has quoted me several times at his blog. The note on the top of the blog relates, "Postings Relating to Methodology in History, Historiography and Philosophy of History."

What I like most about this blog is that Sumir takes the time to write substantial posts. I know that on this blog I tend to be on the terse side but I appreciate history people who take them time to comment extensively on a topic.

Keep up the good work Sumir!


Sumir Sharma said...

Thanks for the appreciation.

However, your work has been a cause of paradigm shift of the contents of my blog.

Secondly, if I have to correct my spellings, then I have to virtually write many of them again from a start. However, I will take care to correct the spelling mistakes in some of my earlier posts.

Thirdly, I have never been curt in response to the contents of your posts. (I have terse.) It is only that in wikipedia, I have found some of the articles not all that well written. But by now, it has emerged as a big source of information. The idea is really good. May be that I have a biased view on it. A stock broker undertaking an intellectual work- this was something which I was not able to co-relate. But if something good is done, then one should appreciate it. The occasional refrence to that source in your post had made me comment the way I did. It seems that was not to be done. Anyhow, in general interaction, when you are sincere in your pursuit, then one should not take some comments on the face of it.

You are quite persistent.


M said...


Thanks for the note.

However, I am not accusing you of being terse. My blog is terse. Your blog is quite substantive. :]