Sunday, November 13, 2005

Great Tangshan Earthquake

Great Tangshan Earthquake - An account of the anticipation of the great earthquake of 1976, and the steps that a few authorities took in the preceding days. It is from the UN Global Programme site.

Over a quarter of a million people in China died during and after this quake. However, Qinglong County prepared for the disaster and had only one death! The county was surrounded by areas with high deaths but except for the loss of buildings, the county emerged OK. Credit must be given to Wang Chunqing, a 21 year old administrator who believed scientists who warned about the strong possibility of a quake.

From the site:

Administrator Wang Chunqing attended a conference organized by the State Seismological Bureau (SSB) for the North China-Bohai region. During this conference, on the evening of July 16, 1976, scientist Wang Chengmin of the SSB's Analysis and Prediction Department spoke at an informal meeting attended by sixty conference participants. Young administrator Wang Chunqing was among the audience.

On July 21, 1976, administrator Wang Chunqing returned to Qinglong County. He reported on the Tangshan conference, highlighted the talk given by scientist Wang Chengmin, and included updated information from the county's 16 lay monitoring stations. Public officials of Qinglong County took the report very seriously and acted upon the information immediately.

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