Tuesday, November 01, 2005

History's Happening

History's Happening. Links to some of the best sites for junior high and high school students who are studying US and World History.

I like this site for several reasons. To begin with, it is organized by category. Hence, it is easy to find sites dealing with different historical themes and time periods. Further, all of the sites have a short description which is always helpful when dealing with a links page. A failure to annotate properly makes several sites similar to this one inferior. And of course, all the sites listed are kid safe which is nice for parents and teachers.

From the site:

My name is Pete Loeser. I live in the small town of Laytonville, which is located in Northern California, about 150 miles north of the city of San Francisco. From there I run an educational consulting business called Loeser Consulting. I retired as a high school teacher after 32 years in the classroom. I taught history at Laytonville High School and later at Willits High School in nearby Willits, California.

I created this page for the use of my history students. I wanted a place for them to do historical research on the web in a controlled atmosphere. Creating it also gave me a chance to learn HTML. I first used a program called HomeSite to create it. I hope you enjoy using it.

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