Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Jerusalem Mosaic

The Jerusalem Mosaic - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem offers a readable history of the city by period, with a map for each and photographs and information on surviving historic buildings. There are English and Hebrew versions available.

There is good content here but I will confess I found navigating the site difficult. I looped around a few times before finding some items.

From the site:

Jerusalem, with a recorded history of some 4000 years, has been familiar to many people for a longer period than any other place on earth.This is the site of the mystic hill-city which was founded in the third millennium BCE, and the "Urusalim" which appears in pottery inscriptions at the beginning of the second millennium BCE. This is the city of David, who unified the Land of Israel and proclaimed Jerusalem the capital in the tenth century BCE. It is the city of Solomon's Temple, and the city where the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah uttered thoughts which influenced the moral and religious attitudes of half the human race. This was the scene of Jesus' last ministry, and where he was crucified.This is a city held holy by the Muslim, who believe that Muhammad ascended to heaven in Jerusalem.In its antiquity, its tumultuous past, its holiness, its monuments associated with the giant biblical figures of distant ages, in the sheer enchantment of its location and the colourful pattern of its daily life, Jerusalem, the capital of the state of Israel, is perhaps the most dramatic city in the world.

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Unknown said...

Well stated. Just having left Jerusalem after a first time visit I found it to be fascinating and slightly overwhelming in its intensity and history.